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About Us

We are a dedicated research and investigative team who regularly explore, experiment and document para-activity. We specialize in both scientific and spiritualistic paranormal phenomenon. As such, our approach is customized to the individual needs of our clients as well as providing the tools necessary to assist with their situation. 

All services we provide are free.


Our Story

Monroe County Paranormal Investigations was established in 2002. Our founding members discovered they all had similar experiences in their past, which has brought them together to walk this path. Between all team members, we have several decades of experience researching the paranormal through reading, studies, and/or actual investigations of residential, commercial and historical locations. 

With the influx of television programs and movies about ghosts and unexplainable events, the awareness level of the general population has increased and more people and places seem to be experiencing "spirits." We believe that while undoubtedly some of these experiences and manifestations are real, others may be due to being caught up in the haunt. We pride ourselves in staying true to our methods and presenting the evidence, if any, exactly as it is. Sometimes a few visits may be necessary to obtain more information.


Houses, land, and even people can become haunted. Spirits can attach to items and follow from location to location. There are many different types of spirits and hauntings, and not all are bent on harm. While it is not always easy to determine which category a haunting falls in, we do our best to assist with figuring this out. 


If you are experiencing events outside of the normal, find a group that you can trust, are comfortable with, and one that is not afraid to report the truth. Whatever you decide to do, please do NOT try to investigate the paranormal on your own! Doing so could open doors to even greater disturbances and cause it to get worse. Contact someone who has a great deal of experience and who knows how to deal with all possibilities. Make sure to take action and find someone to help you. You are not alone. We are here to help you! 

Meet The Team

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